100 Ways to Use Your Season Tickets


100) Invite a customer who hasn’t done business with you recently.
99) Get to know key co-workers outside of the office.
98) Help part-time workers feel more included in the organization.
97) Reward suppliers and vendors who consistently meet deadlines.
96) Treat a loyal customer for his or her birthday.
95) Run a sales contest and reward the winner with tickets.
94) Thank someone who has given you helpful business advice.
93) Use for personal therapy after a difficult day.
92) Have a drawing at work and give them to the lucky employee.
91) Enhance relationships with those in a position to recommend you or refer your business.
90) Take a potential customer and close the sale at the arena!
89) Take a loyal customer to say “thanks.”
88) Take one of your smaller accounts and try to enhance their business with you.
87)Reward a customer who gave you a referral.
86) Reward an employee who comes up with a savings suggestion.
85) Attendance incentives for employees.
84) Reward staff for an accident-free work environment.
83) On time delivery from vendors.
82) Win back a customer who had a problem or a complaint with your company.
81) Thank a customer who praised your company.
80) Offer a unique incentive for customers to do business with you.
79) Package tickets with your product to promote sales (contact the Jets to facilitate).
78) Say “thanks” to a retiring officer or employee.
77) Welcome a new employee to the company with tickets.
76) Congratulate an employee on his or her recent promotion.
75) Reward the employee with the highest sales.
74) Put a smile on an employee’s face who needs encouragement.
73) Offer them to a manager whose department exceeded its goals.
72) Thank your Assistant on Administrative Professionals Day.
71) Present them to a front-line person who appeased an angry customer.
70) Offer your tickets to a service person from another company who has taken care of you.
69) Boost your own career potential by networking (it’s not what you know, it’s who you know).
68) Thank a new customer for their business.
67) Give tickets to your Human Resources department to use as performance rewards.
66) Give to an employee who generates the most business.
65) Give to potential vendors to enhance business relationships.
64) Reward a department that hits their quota for the week or the month.
63) Reward yourself after meeting a milestone in your life.
62) Give to an employee who is consistently accurate.
61) Give tickets to your office cleaning crew as a thank you.
60) Offer tickets to a customer for the holiday.
59) Use tickets to recruit a new customer.
58) Reward an employee for making the most new appointments.
57) Give tickets to the employee who had to stay late last night to finish a crucial project.
56) Show your appreciation to a company intern.
55) Give tickets to outside training services.
54) Get to know a business colleague.
53) Give to a co-worker to whom you owe a favor.
52) Send your co-workers/subordinates to a game together, with a meeting over dinner.
51) Give tickets to an employee who doesn’t get commission.
50) Give tickets to the rep of another company who enables you to service your customers well.
49) Give tickets to an employee on his or her birthday.
48) Give them to your security guards.
47) Give to an employee or customer who has been sick as a “get well soon.”
46) Give to a prospective employee who is interviewing from out of town.
45) Give to your customer service department as an appreciation for maintaining a good relationship with your customers.
44) Offer tickets to your Assistant so they can take their family.
43) Congratulate an employee for reaching their annual goals.
42) Give to an employee who exceeded his or her duties.
41) Give tickets to an employee who makes the most cold calls in one day.
40) Reward an employee for receiving a service recognition by a customer.
39) Give tickets to an employee who renews the most accounts.
38) Give to the employee who is the most punctual.
37) Give to a customer who makes timely payments or pays in full.
36) Reward your “Employee of the Month.”

35) Thank volunteers for their contribution.
34) Give them to your child’s teacher as a thank you for their help.
33) Give them to your drivers for being on time.
32) Donate tickets to your church.
31) Give tickets to charity and use it as a tax write-off.
30) Give tickets to your mechanic, dentist, doctor, etc.
29) Offer your tickets to your accountant/lawyer who has done a great job.
28) Give tickets to your local Boys and Girls Club or other children’s related charities.
27) Give to a Good Samaritan.
26) Give tickets to a representative on your local school board or union to promote goodwill.
25) Offer your tickets to someone who has always given you great service (your dry cleaner, pharmacist, mailman, etc.)
24) Use tickets as raffle prizes.
23) Use as an incentive for someone to quit a bad habit.
22) Use as an auction item.
21) Give to members of a club you participate in (Lion’s Club, Kiwanis, etc.).
20) Give tickets to a team you sponsor.
19) Use tickets for trade opportunities.
18) Give tickets to your child’s coach.
17) Donate tickets to patients at a local hospital.

16) Thank a neighbor who took care of your pets and got your mail while you were away.
15) Give to restaurants that you frequent with clients or family members.
14) Give as an engagement or wedding gift.
13) Treat your family and friends by taking them to the game.
12) Use tickets as Christmas stocking stuffers.
11) Propose at a Jets game.
10) Meet a blind date at the seats.
9)Reward your children for good grades.
8) Welcome a new neighbor to town.
7) Invite an old friend to reconnect.
6) Give tickets as a graduation present.
5) Give your tickets to a relative.
4) Treat a friend to a game on their birthday.
3) Enjoy a Valentine’s treat by taking a someone special to a game.
2) Use them yourself!
1) Use tickets as a way to spend quality time with the whole family.