2019-20 Game Worn Jerseys

Get your hands on an authentic piece of memorabilia — a game-worn Janesville Jets jersey!

Game-worn jerseys are just $200 and can be purchased over the phone, at a home game, or at the Jets’ downtown office. Call and reserve yours today!

(608) 752-5387 | shelton@janesvillejets.com


1 White (Home) RILEY SOLD
1 Blue (Road) RILEY SOLD
2 White (Home) LASAK Available
2 Blue (Road) LASAK Available
4 White (Home) DANGOS SOLD
4 Blue (Road) DANGOS SOLD
5 White (Home) SWEENEY SOLD
5 Blue (Road) SWEENEY Available
8 White (Home) LINDAUER SOLD
8 Blue (Road) LINDAUER Available
9 White (Home) MICHEL Available
9 Blue (Road) MICHEL Available
10 White (Home) NARDELLA SOLD
10 Blue (Road) NARDELLA SOLD
11 White (Home) HOTTMANN SOLD
11 Blue (Road) HOTTMANN SOLD
12 White (Home) SABO SOLD
12 Blue (Road) SABO SOLD
14 White (Home) SJOLUND Available
14 Blue (Road) SJOLUND Available
15 White (Home) McNAMARA SOLD
15 Blue (Road) McNAMARA Available
16 White (Home) DUNLAP Available
16 Blue (Road) DUNLAP Available
17 White (Home) THOMPSON SOLD
17 Blue (Road) THOMPSON SOLD
18 White (Home) ITAGAKI SOLD
18 Blue (Road) ITAGAKI SOLD
19 White (Home) KONROYD Available
19 Blue (Road) KONROYD Available
21 White (Home) SMEKHNOV Available
21 Blue (Road) SMEKHNOV Available
22 White (Home) GONROWSKI Available
22 Blue (Road) GONROWSKI Available
24 White (Home) NOVAK SOLD
24 Blue (Road) NOVAK Available
25 White (Home) ROEPKE SOLD
25 Blue (Road) ROEPKE SOLD
26 White (Home) SKYMNING Available
26 Blue (Road) SKYMNING Available
27 White (Home) HALVERSON SOLD
28 White (Home) SCHOEN SOLD
28 Blue (Road) SCHOEN SOLD
29 White (Home) ENGELKES SOLD
29 Blue (Road) ENGELKES SOLD
30 White (Home) SIMS Available
30 Blue (Road) SIMS Available
36 White (Home) SZURLEJ SOLD
36 Blue (Road) SZURLEJ SOLD
40 White (Home) SOLD
40 Blue (Road) Available
55 White (Home) HINDMAN SOLD
55 Blue (Road) HINDMAN Available
74 White (Home) BOTTRILL SOLD
74 Blue (Road) BOTTRILL Available
89 White (Home) RHODE Available
89 Blue (Road) RHODE Available
91 White (Home) LaPOINTE Available
91 Blue (Road) LaPOINTE SOLD