2022-23 Game Worn Jerseys

Get your hands on an authentic piece of memorabilia — a game-worn Janesville Jets jersey!

Game-worn jerseys are just $200 and can be purchased over the phone, at a home game, or at the Jets’ downtown office. Call and reserve yours today!

(608) 752-5387 | tickets@janesvillejets.com

Not Available 4 Road Gunnar Williams
Not Available 4 Home Gunnar Williams
Not Available 5 Road Will Troutwine
Available 5 Home Will Troutwine
Not Available 6 Road Charlie Lieberman
Not Available 6 Home Charlie Lieberman
Available 7 Road Conner Brown
Available 7 Home Conner Brown
Available 8 Road Merril Steenari
Available 8 Home Merril Steenari
Not Available 9 Road Jimmy Doyle
Available 9 Home Jimmy Doyle
Not Available 10 Road Ethan Begg
Available 10 Home Ethan Begg
Available 12 Road Teddy Merrill
Available 12 Home Teddy Merrill
Not Available 13 Road Jaden Johnson
Not Available 13 Home Jaden Johnson
Available 14 Road Ryan Roethke
Available 14 Home Ryan Roethke
Not Available 15 Road Gustav Portillo
Available 15 Home Gustav Portillo
Not Available 16 Road Max Wagener
Not Available 16 Home Max Wagener
Available 17 Road Mack Keryluk
Not Available 17 Home Mack Keryluk
Available 18 Road Jacob Delaney
Not Available 18 Home Jacob Delaney
Not Available 19 Road Connor Deturris
Not Available 19 Home Connor Deturris
Not Available 21 Road Matthew Hale
Not Available 21 Home Matthew Hale
Available 22 Road Parker Mabbett
Available 22 Home Parker Mabbett
Available 24 Road Josh Orrico
Not Available 24 Home Josh Orrico
Available 25 Road Kyle Kudrna
Not Available 25 Home Kyle Kudrna
Available 27 Road Brady Engelkes
Available 27 Home Brady Engelkes
Not Available 28 Road Conner de Haro
Available 28 Home Conner de Haro
Not Available 29 Road Selby Warren
Not Available 29 Home Selby Warren
Not Available 30 Road Peter Sterling
Not Available 30 Home Peter Sterling
Available 37 Road JC Humphreys
Available 37 Home JC Humphreys
Available 58 Road Gabriel Lundberg
Available 58 Home Gabriel Lundberg
Available 63 Road Grayden Daul
Not Available 63 Home Grayden Daul
Available 91 Road Cannon Lentz
Available 91 Home Cannon Lentz
Not Available 92 Road Noah Gibbs
Not Available 92 Home Noah Gibbs
Not Available 98 Road Ryan Williams
Not Available 98 Home Ryan Williams