Frequently Asked Questions: 2020-21 Season & Attendance

This page was updated January 2021 to reflect the adjustments made to the Jets’ 2020-21 schedule.


Ticketing & Attendance

Are you allowing fans this year?

Yes, some.

This year, we created a distanced seating chart for the bleachers of the Janesville Ice Arena, which allowed for just enough room for Season Ticket Members to attend games. For 20 of our 24 home games, attendance will be restricted to these Season Ticket Members.

Okay. How do I buy Season Tickets?

Unfortunately, we are completely sold out of available Season Tickets right now.

How can I come to a game if I’m not a Season Ticket Member?

In October, we announced dates for four (4) Special Attendance Games, with priority access to Jets sponsors. For each of the four Special Attendance Games, there will be an initial priority reservation window open to Jets sponsors that closes three days before the game. Then, any remaining seating pods will be open to the public at $10 per person. These will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Just like for the rest of the season, pods for Special Attendance Games will be distanced at least six feet from the next nearest pod.

With the schedule adjustment in December 2020, the number of Special Attendance Games changed to three.

Okay. When are those games?

As of January 20201, Special Attendance Nights are scheduled for:

Saturday January 30 vs. Kenai River Brown Bears

Saturday March 20 vs. Minnesota Magicians

Friday May 14 vs. Minnesota Magicians

Where will I go to purchase tickets to those games?

An online ticket store will be shared one week before, and multiple times during the week of, a Special Attendance Game. There will be links on this website, and we always recommend following us on Facebook and Twitter for the best and fastest updates about all things Jets.

If I want to come to a Special Attendance Game by myself, will there be single admission tickets for me?

Pods for Special Attendance Games are sized between 2 and 10, and are sold in their entireties. So if you’re coming by yourself, your best bet is to reserve a pod of 2.

Got it. So when I purchase a pod for a Special Attendance Game, how do I receive those tickets?

You can either print or save your confirmation email with your receipt, and show that when you enter the game.

What about undated ticket vouchers this year? What do we do with those?

At this time we are asking that fans please hold on to their undated ticket vouchers, since we cannot yet accept them for admissions. There may or may not come a time this season that we see changes to distancing and other guidelines, so don’t throw them away, but for now, put them somewhere safe.

Usually I like to stand by the glass. Can I do that at a Special Attendance Game?

Sorry, but no. With only one exception on the far end of the ice, the standing room spots along the glass are not available this season so we can keep walkways as open as possible. This is especially important by the front door and by the entrance to the warming room.

What about broadcasting the games. Are you going to do a live stream or something like that?

Jets games are and have always been broadcast live with the NAHL’s official broadcast partner, HockeyTV. Click here to learn more about HockeyTV subscriptions!

At the Game

Will masks be required?

Yes. Masks keep us safe! Fans are required to wear a face covering at all times, unless eating or drinking.

Oh. So you will have concessions?

Yes. We will serve our normal lineup of beer and seltzer this year, but there will be a limited menu of pre-packaged options for concessions.

This year, the concessions window that opens to the main walkway will be CLOSED. The window into the warming room will be open. To keep distance and prevent high-density traffic, the warming room will ONLY be used for the concessions line.

Where can we eat or drink?

Fans are ONLY allowed to eat or drink when they are seated in their pod.

This year, we are going to try out an online ordering system for beer and concessions. With an online “store” like this, fans can purchase beer and concessions right from their seat, enter in their pod section and color, and a Jets staff member will deliver their order straight to them.

Will there still be the contests in the stands and on the ice?

We are all re-learning how to make a Jets game happen. Before we add the fun extra activities like in-game or on-ice contests, we are first going to confirm our confidence in the base work of new seating directions, traffic and distancing control, concessions delivery, sanitization, etc. We all will get used to operating under these new guidelines — fans and staff alike — and then we’ll start to grow more the entertainment factor (in safe ways, of course!).

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