A Message from the Jets

May 11, 2015

Dear Fans, 

Take a breath.

In a little more than 24 hours, we circumnavigated the emotional wheel. We felt the excitement boil over on Friday afternoon, the must-win anxiety on Saturday, the explosive celebration of the game-tying goal in Saturday night's third period, and, finally, the shocking ending to our season, sixty-eight seconds into overtime.

Anyone in attendance at what became the final game of our historic season can attest to the disabling speechlessness Tyler Cline's goal gave us all. We watched our Jets go farther and achieve more than any squad in franchise history, but everyone will agree that it feels we came up short.

Last time we had weather this warm, the Jets came back to beat Springfield with three seconds to play in the second game of opening weekend.

They were swept by the Chill in the lone home series in October, before auctioning the pink sweaters off their back.

They ran a perfect 10-0 record through the December home stand.

They put together the year's most thrilling third period in a 6-4 comeback win over Johnstown that cannot be described as anything short of ridiculous.

In front of a literal busload of Jets fans in Springfield, the team made history with their 49th win of the year.

The 2014-15 Janesville Jets lost less than a dozen hockey games. Joe Dibble and Erik Largen helped eleven young men attain their goal of playing Division I hockey. They set league records for wins, points, and fewest goals against, but in the raw hours following the surprising end to the season, it can all seem inconsequential.

So, did we want to play for the Robertson Cup? Undoubtedly. Does this season feel like it ended in failure? Perhaps at first blush. This is the grieving process, though. It's normal to feel this way.

Take a breath, Jets Fans.

We'll see you in September.

– The Jets players, coaches, staff, and owners