Fundraising Program

Experience the THRILL of Jets hockey while earning money for your group!

Big Crowd

The Janesville Jets fundraising program is based on tickets, and extremely easy to use.

WHO is this for?

  • Non-profits aiming to raise awareness and money
  • Schools looking to help athletics and other clubs
  • Businesses and offices looking for a fun, team-building event while helping a local charity of their choice
  • Religious organizations raising money for trips or educational programs
  • Social clubs looking to raise money and awareness

HOW does this work?

1) Your club or organization commits to our fundraising program, and picks a game date.

2) We create a unique flyer specific for your organization and your game night. This contains information on the Jets, our night together, and details on how you can raise the most money for your group.

3) Members of your organization promote our collaborative event by distributing the flyer to your supporters (members, families, friends, classmates, coworkers, etc).

4) Supporters fill out and detach an order form on the bottom of the flyer for their tickets. Supporters can either call in, mail this in, or drop it off at our office with their payment enclosed. (Supporters can purchase tickets with their flyer at the doors, but reserved priority seating is only scaled for pre-sold fundraiser tickets.)

5) We put every ticket for your group in our Will Call on game night. There is no handling of tickets or money for your group to worry about!

6) The week following our game, we send your organization a check for how many tickets you sold. There’s no penalty if you sell fewer than 10 tickets! For 10-29 tickets sold, your organization receives $2/ticket. For 30+, you receive $3/ticket. So if 10 members reach 5 people each, your organization takes home $150!

HOW do I sign up?

To sign up for the Jets’ fundraising program, or for more information, call Brad Stepan at (608) 752-5387, or email him at