Gameday Q&A with Assistant Coach Kyle Forte

May 12, 2017

With the Jets’ season on the line after a heartbreaking 3-2 overtime loss to Lone Star, we sat down with Jets assistant coach Kyle Forte about the team’s prep for Game 2 tonight. The game last night as about as close as it could get. What was the biggest factor in Game 1 of this series?

Kyle Forte: Consistency. I think both teams struggled with consistency throughout the entire game. The compete level and puck movement wasn’t constant for either team. I know we had stands we peppered them, and they had theirs as well. Consistency will be key tonight to get the win.

JJ: Lone Star prides themselves in shot suppression. In their Game 5 win over Corpus Christi they allowed just 15. In the playoffs, Prawdzik is seeing an average of just 22 shots on net. Getting to 30 last night was nice, but that’s obviously not the number you’re concerned with. What’s the key tonight to getting pucks not just on Prawdzik, but through him?

KF: Honestly, quality of shot was a little bit of an issue for us last night. Their defensemen are really big and strong and like to keep you to the outside. We’re going to have to be dynamic tonight to get inside and get those high quality chances for our guys to get them past him tonight.

JJ: Facing off against a South Division opponent like Lone Star means maybe the scouting report is a little barer than it usually is. Coming into last night, what about Lone Star might have surprised you?

KF: Honestly, it was kind of what we expected. We pride ourselves in the pre-scout job we do for every team all year. Prepping for Lone Star is no different. We’re going to prepare again today and get the win.

JJ: Any lineup changes tonight?

KF: Brenden MacLaren’s going to go in, so is Colin Felix on the defensive end for us. We want to play a little stronger tonight and get to their net.

JJ: Last question for you. Complete this sentence: The Janesville Jets win tonight and force Game 3 if __________________.

KF: We score more goals than they do. Honestly, it’s as simple as that this time of year. Everyone’s fighting to win a Robertson Cup. We’ve made it this far, so did they. We need to be who we are as a team, trust each other, and push as hard as we can to get that win.