Janesville Jets News Share Vet Checkups: Adam Roeder

Aug 16, 2016


By Mason Lyttle

Vet Checkup is a bi-weekly seasonal feature on JanesvilleJets.com in which I check in with a returning Jets veteran on his summer and what he’s looking forward to next season.

ML: How’s the offseason been?

AR: My offseason has been very relaxing. I took some much-needed vacations as well as some off time before I started hitting the gym and ice again.

ML: What sort of training have you focused on?

AR: I’ve been focusing on gaining an extra step in the speed category. I have been working a lot on sprints and leg work in order to gain the upper hand. I have also been focusing on adding some weight.

ML: What skating have you done?

AR: At the beginning of the summer I played in a junior league called JEL (Junior Elite League) which most of the St. Louis area junior players and some college players play in. I have also been skating in some of my high school alumni skates.

ML: Have you taken any vacations?

AR: I have taken quite a few vacations this summer. In fact, I came back to Janesville a few times this summer to see my girlfriend and her family. Other than Janesville, I took vacations to Aspen, Colorado, and Branson, Missouri, where our lake house is. I also took a short vacation to downtown Chicago which was a blast.

ML: What NHL offseason move surprised you the most?

AR: I think the most surprising move this offseason was the Weber for Subban trade, but on the other hand the Hall for Larsson trade made no sense.

ML: Any personal goals for the upcoming year?

AR: Winning a Robertson Cup and locking down a Division I scholarship for myself and for all of my teammates.

ML: First place you want to eat when you get back to Janesville?

AR: The first place I’ll eat at is Potbelly Sandwiches, I was told they just put one in and I’m very excited to try it out.