Jets Announce Attendance Details for 2020-21 Season

Oct 13, 2020

By Mason Lyttle (@MasonLyttle) | October 13, 2020 | 12:12pm

JANESVILLE, WI – The Janesville Jets have announced attendance details for their 24 home games of the 2020-21 NAHL regular season.The Jets’ business staff worked with City of Janesville staff to design a “pod” style seating chart for the bleachers of the Janesville Ice Arena, permitting up to 220 Jets Season Ticket Members to attend home games. A minimum of six feet separates each of the 49 differently-sized pods. No Season Ticket Members are seated within six feet of anyone whom they did not specifically name on a special list, such as close friends or family who are also Season Ticket Members.

“Our first priority this season is the health and safety of our players, staff, and fans,” said Kennedy McNeil, Director of Fan Development. “We are thankful to have found a safe way to provide our closest fans the fast-paced experience of Jets hockey. After seeing the downtown success of this summer’s Music at the Marv, we knew that pod-style seating would be the best way to admit our Season Ticket Members to Jets games this season.”

While social distancing recommendations are in place, general admission ticket vouchers unfortunately cannot be accepted for admission, and sales of 2020-21 Season Ticket Memberships are paused. In the meantime, fans can call to put themselves on a waitlist. The Jets encourage all fans to stay connected through the official team website at and through social network channels.

“It’s exceptionally encouraging to see so much enthusiasm for Jets hockey,” said McNeil. “I think we’re all looking forward to one day sitting shoulder-to-shoulder inside the Janesville Ice Arena, but for now we are focused on doing the most with what we have.”

The good news is that sponsors and fans without season tickets may still attend select games this season. Four of the Jets’ 24 home games have been designated as Special Attendance Games, with priority access to Jets sponsors.

“Our many sponsors who hold season tickets, and enjoy rewarding customers or employees with a night out at a Jets game, could not fit into this pod seating system,” said Mason Lyttle, Vice President of Business Development. “It’s obviously no secret that our attendance this year will be dramatically lower, so our sponsors are even more important to our success this season. Just like our staff, our billets, and our Season Ticket Members, our sponsors have been patient and trusting with us as we find the best and safest way to achieve our goals in our twelfth season in the North American Hockey League. We look forward to creating a special night out for fans and sponsors at Special Attendance Games.”

For each of the four Special Attendance Games, there will be an initial priority reservation window open to Jets sponsors that closes three days before the game. Then, any remaining seating pods will be open to the public at $15 per person. Just like for the rest of the season, pods for Special Attendance Games will be distanced at least six feet from the next nearest pod.

“Despite the obvious lost revenue with such smaller crowds, we are very happy to freeze Season Ticket Prices, and to offer the lowest prices in the league for the Special Attendance Games,” said McNeil.

Special Attendance Games are scheduled for:

Friday January 30 vs. Kenai River Brown Bears

Saturday March 20 vs. Minnesota Magicians

Friday May 14 vs. Minnesota Magicians

“While the limited attendance is a disappointment to many Jets fans, our team is committed to finding safe ways for the Jets to connect and be present in our community this year,” McNeil said. “For a great example, we recently partnered with Enbridge on a food drive benefiting ECHO, Inc., where we raised over 1,650 pounds of non-perishable items. It is and will continue to be challenging to rethink how we carry out our organizational missions, but we up for that challenge. That’s a big part of what it means to be a Jet.”


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