Jets Hold 20th Overall Pick in NAHL Draft

Jun 4, 2018

By Mason Lyttle (@MasonLyttle) | June 4, 2018 | 5:00pm

JANESVILLE, WI – Beginning with the 20th overall selection, the Jets hold four picks in the 2018 NAHL Draft, taking place tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1:00pm CDT.

The expansion Maryland Black Bears were awarded the first overall selection.

Janesville will pick 20th in the draft’s first four rounds:

Rd 1 | 20th Overall
Rd 2 | 44th Overall
Rd 3 | 69th Overall
Rd 4 | 92nd Overall

Fans can follow the Jets’ draft online at, on Twitter (@JanesvilleJets1), or by listening to a free live broadcast of the draft on HockeyTV.

Who is eligible for the NAHL Entry Draft? 
Amateur players less than 21 years of age on December 31, 2018 who are not listed on an NAHL team roster or are listed on an NAHL team roster but played less than (10) NAHL regular season and/or playoff games during the 2017-18 season and did not accept a tender from an NAHL team prior to the 2018 NAHL Entry Draft are eligible for selection in the draft.
Does a player have to register for the draft? 
No. If you are eligible for the draft, each team will draft individual players largely based upon scouting throughout the season and in pre-draft tryout camps based upon a team’s needs.
How many players can each team select in the NAHL Entry Draft? 
The number of players each team is able to draft varies on that team’s current roster (protected list) minus the number 30. Each team’s roster is comprised of veteran players and signed tenders only. For example, if a team has 15 veterans rostered and 8 tenders (23 total), that team is allowed seven (7) draft picks.
Do prospective NAHL players have to register for the NAHL Entry Draft? 
No, there is no registration process to be eligible for the NAHL Entry Draft.
Are drafted players eligible to try out for other NAHL teams? 
Unless agreed upon in writing by the two NAHL teams, tendered or drafted players are not eligible to try out for other NAHL teams.
Are drafted players eligible to try out for teams in other junior leagues? 
Yes, all tendered and drafted players are eligible to try out for any team in any league other than the NAHL in the U.S. and Canada.
Will the results of the NAHL Entry Draft be posted on 
Yes, the results of the NAHL Entry Draft will be posted on in alphabetical order in its entirety upon completion.
Will the NAHL Entry Draft be broadcast? 
Yes, the NAHL Entry Draft is scheduled to be broadcast with FREE live round-by-round coverage on HockeyTV, official broadcast partner of the NAHL.
Will all NAHL tenders signings be posted on 
No, all tender signings will not be posted on NAHL teams may make their tender signings public, but are not required to do so.
What if a prospective player is not drafted, but is still interested in playing the NAHL? 
Players not drafted but who still want to play in the NAHL are encouraged to attend individual team’s open tryout camps.
Additional Notes:
All NAHL rosters must be reduced to 25 players by September 1.