Team Mascot

Chilly hails from the North Pole but moved to Janesville when he heard a new NAHL team was looking for a mascot.

Chilly hanging with friends in 2014

Since arriving at the Janesville Ice Arena, Chilly has fallen in love with his new home and is never happier than at Jets home games. Whether he’s skating with kids, dancing in the stands, or helping with on-ice promotions, Chilly’s favorite part of his job is always making people happy!

Chilly in his new threads hanging out with some fans at Skate with the Jets!

In summer of 2017, Chilly’s love for hockey hit a new peak. He picked up some equipment, sharpened his skates, and his friends at Advia Credit Union bought him his own jersey!

Chilly’s interests include Jets hockey, swimming, skating, Chuck-A-Puck, and referring his friends to Advia Credit Union.