Meet the Crew: Jennifer Seeley

Sep 29, 2017

This season we’d like Jets fans, community members and contributors to get to know a bit more about our behind-the-scenes crew. Without their contributions, the game day experience in Janesville wouldn’t be the same. Before each homestand of the 2017-18 season, media intern Emily Polglaze will profile a member of our Jets game night or support staff to give readers a glimpse at what it’s like to be up close and personal with the program.

First up is Jets Housing Coordinator and former billet parent Jennifer Seeley.

EP: What is your position with the Jets, and what does it entail?
JS: I am the housing coordinator for the Jets. I am responsible for finding families to house the boys while they are here, assigning them, resolving any issues, as well as providing team communication to the billet families as well as assist the players families during the year. I also help out to coordinate billet help with different activities throughout the year.

EP: How long have you been involved with the program, and how did you get involved?
JS: This is my first year as the housing coordinator however I have been a billet for 4 seasons. I originally got involved when they were looking for more families. We were not sure about the commitment at first but were instantly hooked. We decided to take some time off housing players but still wanted to stay involved when I was asked to be the coordinator.

EP: What is your favorite part about working with the Jets?
JS: I love being a part of helping out these young boys with their dreams as well as we have met some fantastic families that will be part of our family forever.

EP: Tell us about yourself outside of the rink.
JS: I am a Project Director at Anthem, Inc., where I have worked for over 20 years. I am married to John and we have a 26-year-old son, Chris, who is a social worker and engaged, and lives in Washington D.C., a 19-year-old daughter Alyssa, who is studying to become a police officer, a Great Dane and two cats. Besides hockey, I have a motorcycle and enjoy spending time with my friends.

EP: What would you like to tell people about what the Jets and staff bring to the Janesville community?
JS:  These boys bring a lot of joy to not only their billet families, but the fans. They are out there hoping to get a chance to move on and play college hockey. They really do provide a lot to Janesville and the surrounding communities in the community service work they do, as well as helping with the younger kids who some day want to be where they are at. Watching them play is the one of the best family activities that Janesville has to offer.

EP: What would you like to see from the Jets, fans, and staff in the upcoming season?
JS: From the Jets, keep helping out in the community and make sure you are a great role model for the younger fans that come out, as well as look for opportunities to become involved in the community. From the fans, keep coming out and get loud for the players, that’s what they love. Tell your friends bring a group, I promise you will have so much fun. From the staff, just keep making the game a great place to be!