Sponsor Spotlight: DJ Malchow-Davis, Sam’s Club

Mar 29, 2017

Sponsor Spotlight is a new weekly profile series that will help fans know more about the Jets’ community partners and the stories they have.

DJ Malchow-Davis — Optical & Hearing Aid Center Manager, Sam’s Club

Years with Sam’s Club: 12

I was born and raised in Milwaukee. When I started working for Sam’s Club, I moved around the state several times before eventually landing in Janesville. I’ve lived here for the past 9 years and recently my husband and I purchased a beautiful Victorian home in the historic district.

Describe briefly what Sam’s Club Optical does for the community and what you like most about being a part of the team.

Each year, Sam’s Club Janesville donates tens of thousands of merchandise and grants to non-profits organizations in Rock County. Our associates also take part in many charity runs and benefits throughout the year. It’s great that even though we are a large global company, we have the capability to give back locally.

On the Health & Wellness side, we provide free monthly health screenings by certified professionals to help members and non-members keep their health in check. Aside from those screenings, we have an optometrist and audiologist on site for vision and hearing tests, as well as board-certified opticians to help with eyewear choices. We run a “15 Minute Health Check” on the second Saturday of every month from 11am-4pm.

What do you like most about doing business in Janesville?

Janesville has so much undeveloped potential. Working with Sam’s gives me a lot of opportunity to get out in the community and try to make a difference in elevating Janesville to the business hub it could become.

What’s something about eye care and optical health that you wish athletes knew?

That there are so many options for eye protection! There’s a perception amongst athletes that they have to wear huge, ugly, uncomfortable goggles to protect their vision, but that’s no longer the case.

We always see club associates at games! What does Sam’s Club relationship with the Jets mean to the store and its associates?

Our associates sure do love some hockey! Making sure our associates can have a healthy work/life balance is very important to the club and being able to provide tickets to games as a benefit is one way we promote that value.

Any other comments you’d like to make as a partner of the Janesville Jets?

Supporting the Jets has been important to me and the club because it’s a great form of entertainment in the city. There hasn’t always been a ton for families to do in Janesville, and Jets games provide a great family-oriented experience.