Sponsor Spotlight: Jenna Rebout, Impact Confections

Feb 10, 2017

Sponsor Spotlight is a new weekly profile series that will help fans know more about the Jets’ community partners and the stories they have.

Jenna Rebout — Brand Manager, Impact Confections

Years with Impact: 1.5

I was born and raised here in Janesville. I worked in Madison for 5 years and am excited to be back working in Janesville again.

Describe briefly what Impact Confections does and what you like most about being a part of the team.

Impact Confections is a candy company located in Janesville.  We moved our manufacturing to Janesville about 6 years ago, and moved the corporate offices to Janesville about a year and a half ago. We manufacture a variety of WARHEADS candies including the well-known Extreme Sour Hard Candy along with more nostalgic candy such as Circus Peanuts and Taffy.

What I love most about being part of the Impact Confections team is that I get to work with a great group of dedicated people who are passionate about what they do. Plus, what is there not to love about getting to work with candy all day!

What do you like most about doing business in Janesville?

Janesville is a great place to work and do business. Not only is it a great central location to many of our suppliers, it also instills a great sense of community. Everyone from individuals to businesses comes together, dedicated to grow Janesville and to give their support to local businesses and groups. It is exciting to be able to be part of a city that truly comes together to help everyone succeed.

What does Impact’s new relationship with the Jets mean to the company?

To us this is an opportunity for Impact Confections and our employees to get more involved in the community and show our support of the Janesville Jets. Our employees have enjoyed being able to take their families to the games and cheer our hometown team.

The new party room looks incredible! Walk us a little bit through the design process on the cool artwork.

We collaborated with Janesville’s own Fetch Graphics on the original idea for the walls. Their graphics team mocked up some creative ideas, and then our graphic designer, Elena Greenman, brought it to life. We knew we wanted to include the Jet, and incorporate our colorful candy. Our goal was to make it fun and vibrant, plus showcase our WARHEADS candies in a unique way. We hope the community enjoys it as much as we do.

Any other comments you’d like to make as a new partner of the Janesville Jets?

Thank you for letting us be a part of this great team and organization. We look forward to the seasons to come. Go Jets!