Vet Check-Up: Ben Schmidling

Aug 20, 2017

Leading up to 2017-2018 training camp, media intern Emily Polglaze will be leading the Vet Check-Up feature on Twice a week, she’ll catch up with one of eight Jets veterans to see how the summer offseason has been going, and what they’re looking forward to in the season to come.

Up next is #24, forward Ben Schmidling.

EP: How is your offseason going?
BS: My offseason is going great. I’ve spent some quality time with family and those closest to me. I took a step back after the long season ended and really started to appreciate some things a lot more.

EP: Have you taken any vacations?
BS: I went on a few little vacations, one up to central Wisconsin, and then one to St. Louis, both times just spending some quality time at the lake, taking it easy with great people by my side.

EP: Have you been doing any skating?
BS: Yes, I’ve skated a few times a week all summer with my old midget coaches and a lot of their alumni. It’s a fantastic group of guys, and we put in a lot of work and also have some fun so it makes for some really great offseason training.

EP: What skills have you been focusing on during the summer?
BS: I’ve put most of my focus this summer into working on getting bigger and stronger. Also working on my shot and quick release, stick handling and skating, those were my main focuses.

EP: What is your favorite summer activity?
BS: Favorite summer activity has got to be going golfing or going to the beach. I love to play golf, me and my brother get pretty competitive and will put bets down and have fun, jus the two of us. Then just relaxing at the beach, it’s a short drive down from my house, so can’t pass up the chance to go down there every now and then.

EP: What NHL offseason trade or development was most surprising to watch?
BS: My most surprising NHL movement was Mike Fisher retiring. After the Preds’ impressive run last season and him getting named team captain, I thought he would re-sign and go back for another shot at the Cup.

EP: What is your favorite summertime meal or snack?
BS: Favorite summertime meal or snack was without a doubt, mac and cheese and grilled chicken. I just loved that this summer. Made it homemade and then grill the chicken breasts, it’s the perfect post-skate or practice midday meal.

EP: What do you miss most about the Jets in the summer and look forward to in the fall?
BS: I miss the most the Friday and Saturday night hype. The crowd and the intensity of our devoted fans is second to none, and I can’t wait to get back to it. Also just can’t wait to get back and meet all the new guys, I learned a lot last year from the vets, and I just want to help the new guys as best I can so we can come together and go for the Robertson Cup.

EP: Once training camp starts, where will you go for your first lunch break?
BS: My first meal I’m sure will be a nice steak from the billet dad… haha. But after that, I plan on making a trip to Potbelly. I had never had it until I arrived in Janesville and I just fell in love with it.