Vet Check-Up: Pumpkin Spice Edition with Jakov Novak

Oct 4, 2017

Amid coaching changes, training camp, and two busy away weekends, forward and alternate captain Jakov Novak’s summer Vet Check-Up got lost in the shuffle. Media intern Emily Polglaze caught up with the second-year veteran for a special edition Vet Check-Up just in time for fall! Novak is coming off a big home opener weekend, in which he scored three points (2G, 1A) and is currently second on the team with eight total.

EP: We’re a few weeks into the season, but fill us in, how was your offseason? What did you work on? any vacations?
JN: Offseason was tough, working out everyday and skating three times a week, but the guys at both made each fun and enjoyable throughout the summer. Also trying to juggle working in my schedule to give me a little spending money for when I left Windsor! I really focused on my quick feet and explosive exercises to help me become a more dynamic skater. No vacations for me this summer as I was working hard for a great year in Janesville.

EP: Now that fall is approaching, what’s your favorite fall activity?
JN: I’d say carving pumpkins.

EP: What NHL offseason trade or development was most surprising to watch?
JN: I would have to say Artemi Panarin to Columbus for Brandon Saad.

EP: What is your go-to snack or meal in autumn?
JN: Can’t wait for Thanksgiving dinner!

EP: What did you miss most about the Jets and have enjoyed getting back to once the season started?
JN: Miss the boys and being on the ice with everyone and building new friendships!

EP: Where was your first Janesville lunch break?
JN: I’d say my first Janesville lunch break was either GR’s or Chipotle!

EP: Where are the Jets in your mindset three weeks in? How is everything coming together?
JN: I’d say the Jets are on a roll right now, coming off hot from the showcase and a home sweep and can’t wait to be atop our division and stay there the whole year.

EP: What message do you have for Jets fans as the home season ramps up?
JN: Can’t wait to see everyone at our home games and you won’t go home disappointed! It’s a long year and can’t wait to meet all of our new fans along with seeing some familiar faces from last year.

Special thanks to Ted Novak for his patience in the posting of this feature!