Vet Check-Up: TJ Polglaze

Jul 28, 2017

Leading up to 2017-2018 training camp, media intern Emily Polglaze will be leading the Vet Check-Up feature on Twice a week, she’ll catch up with one of eight Jets veterans to see how the summer offseason has been going, and what they’re looking forward to in the season to come.

First up is forward and second-year NAHL skater, #9 TJ Polglaze.

EP: How is your offseason going?
TP: It’s been going well, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family and friends outside.

EP: Have you been on any vacations?
TP: I went camping up north with my family and I’ve been to a few different concerts, which is fun.

EP: Have you been doing any skating?
TP: I skate twice a week around the area.

EP: What other skills have you been focusing on during the summer?
TP: I’ve been trying to be more explosive, and have also been working on stick handling and shooting.

EP: What is your favorite summer activity?
TP: I like boating with my friends, family and sometimes teammates on the Rock River. We hang out at the boat club and have dinner at The Rock all the time. There’s always something to do or events happening in Beloit, especially during the summer.

EP: What NHL offseason trade or development was most surprising to watch?
TP: Probably Artemi Panarin being traded from the Blackhawks to the Bluejackets.

EP: What is your favorite summertime meal or snack?
TP: Hamburgers, brats, corn on the cob, and watermelon. Grilling-out food.

EP: What do you miss most about the Jets in the summer and look forward to in the fall?
TP: I miss being around my teammates and the great fan support.

EP: What does it mean to you to be playing for the Jets having grown up in the area? 
TP: I remember as a kid being so excited that a junior hockey team was only going to be 15 minutes away. I went to a few games that first year and I thought the players were like celebrities. So it’s pretty cool to look back at that and realize that I am one of those players to the kids today.

EP: Once training camp starts, where will you go for your first lunch break?
TP: Definitely Potbelly. It’s healthier and it’s always good.