Vet Checkups: LA Grissom

Jul 28, 2016


By Mason Lyttle

Vet Checkup is a bi-weekly seasonal feature on in which I check in with a returning Jets veteran on his summer and what he’s looking forward to next season.

ML: How’s the offseason been? What training have you done?

LG: It’s been pretty good. I usually train at 2SP (2 Sports Performance). It’s a gym that trains a lot of the Red Wings guys and a ton of other pro, college, and junior players.

ML: What sort of training have you focused on?

LG: I’m trying to put on five more pounds of muscle while maintaining my speed. The goal is to add five pounds without losing a step.

ML: What skating have you done?

LG: I skate in a summer league called East Side Elite, another junior/college/pro league. I played against Fernandez last week. His team ended up winning unfortunately, but it’s pretty good. It’s a lot of fun.

ML: Have you taken any vacations?

LG: Yeah, I went up to Toronto to see [Jack] LaFontaine. I went to go see my old billets from Keystone in Pennsylvania, and I went to Chicago for a day to visit, too. We went to a Cubs game.

ML: What NHL offseason move surprised you the most?

LG: The PK for Weber trade really confused me.

ML: Any personal goals for the upcoming year?

LG: First, not to die during training camp. Then obviously we’re trying to win a Robby Cup, and I want to get my Division I commitment.

ML: First place you want to eat when you get back to Janesville?

LG: That’s gotta either be Citrus [Cafe] or Luke’s Deli.