Winborg Becomes Jets' All-Time Leading Scorer

Sep 24, 2015

By Mason Lyttle

JANESVILLE, WI – Adam Winborg tallied an assist on Martin Sundberg’s second period goal on Thursday morning, pushing his career points total to 101 and leaving him alone in first place on the Janesville Jets' all-time leading scorers list.

The third-year Jet passed Janesville native Ross Mauermann, who captained the Providence Friars to an NCAA Division I Championship in the spring.

"It's pretty cool to be up there in the same breath as him," Winborg said. "Hopefully I keep this up and find a place to play for the next four years and win an NCAA championship, just like he did."

For the Jets' new scoring leader, it was only fitting that the historic point was an assist to a countryman. Scoring with Swedes has been his entire career in Janesville.

"It's been great [to play with so many Swedes]," said the Stockholm native. "First year I played with [Robin Hoglund], so it was fun right off the bat. Then last year Nils [Rygaard] came in, and this year it's me, Nils, and Martin [Sundberg]. We have a chemistry going right away."

The three Swedes together compose Janesville's top forward line, each with their own story. Sundberg, the latest acquisition, has started his rookie year brilliantly, picking up four points in his first four games. Rygaard, the team's "IronMan" award winner from last season, was named a team captain this year. Winborg, who centers his Swedish wingers, is now the all-time leading scorer.

"Speaking the same language makes it easy to communicate out there," said Winborg. "I like it."

Rygaard noted it isn't just excellent verbal communication from the Swede line that has contributed to Winborg's accomplishment.

"I really like playing with "Winny,"" said Rygaard. "We both know what we're doing and where we're both going. I like how he moves on the ice. It's easy to find him."

On a day he becomes a franchise's all-time leading scorer, a little more excitement could be expected from Winborg. But as a product of coach Joe Dibble's blue-collar Jets,all you'll hear from the title holder are praises for his teammates and promises to keep grinding.

"We've had some great teams, especially last year," Winborg said, alluding to the league record-breaking group from last seaosn. "I've developed a lot with this great group of guys. I'm gonna keep working hard. That's the biggest thing: keep working. Everything else will come."