Group Ticket Options

When developing your group outing, you can utilize 3 different options for your tickets.  Choose whichever option would work best for your group!

Tickets In Hand

Getting your dated tickets in hand is great option for customizing your package. We can put you company/organization logo for a nice personal touch.  Theses tickets can be dropped off in person or mailed for your convenience.

Will Call List

Don’t want to distribute tickets individually?  A will-call list is perfect for you!  Just create an internal list of all the members in you party.  Guests will be able to check in on game night under their name!

Online Sign-Up & Promotional Code

If members of your group are purchasing their own tickets, an online sign-up is perfect for your group. You create a custom promotional code which you distribute to your party members.  Guests can visit the Jets ticketing website and insert the code to access their $6 group tickets.