Plenty to Do in Janesville in the Winter

Jan 23, 2017

Jets Highlighted in Travel Blog

International travel writer Mike Shubic visited Janesville last month to catch a glimpse of winter life here in southern Wisconsin. Needless to say, he had to catch a Jets game while he was here!

In his story, Mike wrote:

“My final activity of the evening was just up the street to the Janesville Ice Arena to watch the Janesville Jets play the Minnesota Magicians. I have to admit, I’m not a huge hockey fan, and while I’ve only been to a few professional games, I found this minor league game to be quite exciting. I think the difference is that unless you’re rink side, the action is too far away in those larger arenas. At the Janesville Ice Arena, everyone has a good seat, and if you so choose, you can walk around and stand rink-side next to the glass. It was amazing seeing how fast these guys can skate and how maneuverable they are. After watching this game, I had a whole new appreciation for ice hockey. I found myself glued to the action and nearly missed a unique opportunity.”


A winter road trip to Janesville, Wisconsin