Vet Checkups: Blake Wareham

Aug 10, 2016


By Mason Lyttle


Vet Checkup is a bi-weekly seasonal feature on in which I check in with a returning Jets veteran on his summer and what he’s looking forward to next season.

ML: How’s the offseason been?

BW: My offseason has been good. It’s been nice to spend time with my family

ML: What sort of training have you focused on?

BW: I’ve been working on strength and conditioning. I broke my wrist last season so I had to focus on upper body a lot.

ML: What skating have you done?

BW: I’ve done some defensive skating camps and all-around skill camps, as well as just going to stick and puck with my little brother.

ML: Have you taken any vacations?

BW: Who needs a vacation when you live in Iowa?

ML: What NHL offseason move surprised you the most?

BW: Subban for Weber.

ML: Any personal goals for the upcoming year?

BW: Get a Division I scholarship.

ML: First place you want to eat when you get back to Janesville?

BW: Luke’s Deli.